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We are a customer-service-oriented real estate consultant since 1985 establised with a motto to helps property buyers and sellers in Rajkot, Ahmedabad & Mumbai. We are having enormous experience in real estate sector. If you're looking for a Property Consulting firm with patience, perseverance, and a passion for helping people, you are at right place when you found us!

Following a Passion for Real Estate

We adjoined the Real estate business from Garment Industry – (New Modern Tailors – Since 1972) few years ago, and it gave us a chance to "reconstruct" our life and our career. We choose real estate as a career path, because it allows us to use the customer service skills we acquired during a 30-year career in the retail industry. It also gives us a chance to serve the community we love. We've always been interested in real estate, and now we are fortunate enough to do it for a living.

A Smoother, Less Stressful Real Estate Experience

Buying or selling a property can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. It's particularly stressful for first-timers and those who have a short timeline. We know this firsthand, because we have been there ourselves. That's why we work extra hard to keep our clients informed and make sure that process goes transparently and seamlessly.

Ongoing Education and Training

We realize the value of professional knowledge and training. We had undergone extensive training and pursuing advanced education continuously in all aspects of the real estate business. This sharpens our skills and helps us keep up with an ever-changing industry.

We are affiliated & registered ourselves with major Real Estate Associations. Few of them are Real Estate Agent Association of Rajkot (REAAR), NAR India (National Association of Realtors), GUJRERA, MAHARERA, etc. which facilitates us to work in Gujarat & Maharashtra states.

Why Choose Us ?

While selecting a real estate consultant/agent, it is very much important to find someone who understands the local real estate market. You should always rely on the consultant who knows the surrounding neighbors and communities as well apart from what they have to offer. This is applicable for buyers as well as sellers both.

  • Service:
    We worked in retail management for 30 years, before transitioning to real estate. "Customer service" is more than a catchphrase to us -- it's a way of doing business. We strive to exceed our clients' expectations in all aspects of the real estate process, and to "wow" them with our service-oriented approach.

  • Coaching:
    Success in real estate starts with education. You have to understand the nuances of the local market, the dynamics of supply and demand, and how these things affect you as a buyer or seller. If you work with us, we will make sure you are well informed at every step of the process, so you can make smart decisions. You will enjoy seamless process. You deserve nothing less.

  • Contact:
    You'll have a lot of questions during your real estate transaction. Everyone does. And you deserve to know what is happening at all times, and what needs to happen in order to reach the finish line. If you choose us as your real estate consultant/agent, you'll enjoy constant interaction, follow-ups and communications. You'll always have updated information with us.

A People-First Approach to Business

Some view real estate from an asset perspective, focusing solely on "bricks and mortar" rupees and paisa. We see something else, Yes! You have heard correctly. We see real estate as a people business, first and foremost. It's more than just rupees and paisa. It's about people, their hopes and dreams.

Member of:

Member of Real Estate Agents Association of Rajkot (REAAR)
Real Estate Agents Association of Rajkot
National Association of Realtors-India (NAR-India)
National Association of Realtors-India

Authorized Channel Partner:

Lodha Group - Mumbai
Lodha Group - Mumbai
Addor Realty - Ahmedabad
Addor Realty - Ahmedabad


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